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Batch Printing Invoices Merged

In the past, on Sage50, we created all our invoices as a batch, then selected them all and sent them to print. With our first batch on SBC I was rather shocked to discover that having created them all (about 50 on this occasion) I had to open each invoice and print them individually - it took me around 40 mins!
We are expecting our next batch of invoices to be around double this number and I can see no way to print them all together. I assume this means they will have to be printed as they are created.
BTW, we produce a printed magazine and always send a hard copy of our invoices by post with a copy of the publication. We may at some point in the future move to emailing invoices, but will still need to send a copy of the magazine to our customers, so can't see us doing this for some while.
I'd be really interested to know how quickly this batch printing option could be introduced.

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  • Jun 9 2021
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    2 Sep, 2021 06:50pm

    Are there any plans to allow batching invoices and payments. Many of us want this