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Sort, export or print recurring invoices.

Really happy to see that recurring invoices have been added, but we really need to be able sort these by the column headings and/or to be able to export to csv so that we can cross-reference these.

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  • Mar 22 2020
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    1 Jul, 2021 08:47am

    Great to hear that this is in the pipeline.

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    31 Aug, 2020 02:44pm

    This is terrific news Jaime. Will definitely receive much usage.


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    11 Aug, 2020 03:32pm

    Recurring invoice run is a great addition to Sage Cloud Accounting!

    Agree with previous comment regarding recurring invoices. Our customers have an option to be billed quarterly or annually for our services. Within these times, customers are added to our customer database and some are removed. Need to have a means to verify the recurring invoice database is up to date prior to the quarterly and annual run.

    A csv file extract of the information displayed on the recurring screen would be a tremendous help.

    In addition, in our case text entered in the Notes area will change for each run. Is there a way to replace current notes on the recurring invoices with the new Notes found in the invoice form setting when the next recurring invoice process is scheduled to run?

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    7 Apr, 2020 09:43am

    This would be a great idea, just found myself looking at the recurring invoices looking to sort by column

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    24 Mar, 2020 12:28pm


    This makes sense - it could certainly be helpful when moving from a different program to Sage (or just moving those recurring invoices).

    At the minute you'd have to use screenshots for this task - which I agree is far from ideal.


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    23 Mar, 2020 03:47pm

    Hello Tom,

    We have been running two systems for the last few years as recurring invoices is a really large part of our invoicing. My reason for wanting to export a list was so that I could check all the invoices against my other systems.

    The most important thing is to be able to sort the list of recurring invoices; I now have around 200 set up but they are in the order they were entered and to be able to sort in date order, customer order would be very useful.


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    23 Mar, 2020 03:29pm


    Thank you for submitting your idea.

    Could you give a brief explanation of what you are hoping to cross reference with - or maybe an example of when this would be useful?

    I'm not sure I fully understand the purpose behind this, there might be a better way for us to help you do this or something already available.

    Thank you,