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option to choose email or printed statements on a statement run without having to go into each customer Merged

I have been using Sage business cloud for 3 months April May and June – for April and May we send out our statements electronically to the majority of our customers and then once a quarter we send them out by post so I am about the do my first run like this – how do I allow sage to print a statement for each client rather than it come up and tell me that 30 will be printed and 153 will be emailed. I need them all to be printed but just for this month as next month will be an electronic month again - i need the flexibility

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  • Jul 6 2021
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    19 Jul, 2021 12:49pm

    This is bonkers - We are in 2021 !!

    Sage Accounts in the cloud is ONLINE

    We need a global default in SETUP that sets all customers when an email exists to default email statements ! If you clear the contact email box then it will auto switch to Post!

    Every time on of my sales people setup a new account I have to go and hunt for any accounts that is still on Statement by POST - As said - this is bonkers - especially given that we email them the invoices !