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Change visibility on a nominal code 'on the fly' when posting payments and receipts

We often have to undertake corrective work on a client's data. When duplicates have been posted and reconciled, we need to post e.g. receipts, where the nominal code usually has payments in, and vice versa, so the nominal code does not appear in the drop down menu when we try to post the correction.

It's very frustrating setting up each payment, only to find that the nominal code is not visible in the drop down menu. When you 'leave page', the posting details are lost, and you have to go to Chart of Accounts to make changes, then start all over again.

Allowing the change of visibility would be really helpful and save quite a bit of time. It may be that this is a feature you could turn on in the accountant or book-keeper profile perhaps?

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  • Mar 25 2020
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