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An Option to Hide Closed Bank/Supplier/Customer Accounts

In particular the account list can be cluttered when you have multiple old accounts.

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  • Mar 27 2020
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    1 Nov, 2021 09:11am

    I received an email saying the status on this had been updated to delivered, but as far as I can see, no changes have been made to the customer or supplier accounts. So this has not yet been delivered. Do we have to request it again or are you going to be rolling it out soon?

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    27 Oct, 2021 09:36am

    I can see why this would be such a difficult thing, we have hundreds of customers who have passed way.

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    26 Oct, 2021 06:13pm

    This would be a good idea to be able to remove what you don't use

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    26 Oct, 2021 01:17pm

    Just went in to verify this but not clear on how it works ...

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    21 Apr, 2021 12:48pm

    Well, I can see how to hide bank accounts but it doesn't seem to be available for customer/supplier accounts unless I am missing something?

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    23 Mar, 2021 02:22pm

    Hi thank you for auctioning this functionality , can we know how its done.

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    18 Mar, 2021 06:47pm

    Great news it's been delivered - could you let us know where to find it now please? Thanks

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    18 Mar, 2021 04:57pm

    Makes sense..... this would be both practicable and useful upgrade

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    25 Jan, 2021 03:17pm

    The same issues arises when changing banks and you have a set of 'old' bank account which you can move to the botom of the 'Banking page' list, but it would be cleaner to be able to 'Archive' these account / grey them out in someway so the historical information and transactions are there to view but they no longer cluter up the Banking Page screen unless you do something like 'click to show archived accounts'??