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'Back to List' Option for Account Allocation

When going through the aged debtors list i have it on detailed view and then i look for matching transaction. I then click through any accounts that have matching ones and allocate it. Once you have saved the allocation it would be helpful if it went back to the detailed list to save the amount of steps you have to take to get back to the list.

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  • Mar 27 2020
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    7 Apr, 2020 07:34am

    Hi Tom,

    Frequently i will need to go to the 'aged debtors report' for all suppliers and tidy up the accounts by allocating invoices against payments. To do this you have to first switch to detailed view, then click the relevant supplier, then click account allocation. Once you select the payments/invoices that match you have to save allocation, then to get back to where you were (detailed view of aged debtors) you have to use the back button 3 times. This is a lot of steps to carry out a task that is regularly done.

    I'm sure there is a simplified process that could be created to aid this process.

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    6 Apr, 2020 03:50pm


    Thank you for submitting your idea.

    If i understand, you are looking for a button on a customer account hat takes you straight to the Aged Debtors report?

    You could currently do this using the back button in your browser, but I understand you might want an easier method.