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Bulk edit the inventory and products list.

Would save a ton of time if I could bulk edit the products. E.g. we have a buch of products all priced the same. To change that I'd need to go to the details page of every product. There is also no "open in new window" option, so my product filtering is lost after I go back to the complete list.

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  • Apr 2 2020
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  • Nov 10, 2023

    Admin response

    Hello All,

    We are happy to tell you this has now been delivered!

    For more information please look out for the 'What's New' In-Product message which will outline what has been released and how to take advantage of this functionality.

    Kind regards

    Sage Accounting Team

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    2 Feb 12:19am

    This isn't Delivered - this should be in the portal, not relying on uploads and downloads with such limits! Please look at this again!

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    14 Nov, 2023 08:10pm

    Have now got the file to a size that it will upload but getting multiple errors and it seems that many of the changes haven't been uploaded correctly :-( Now I don't know which prices are correct and which aren't - at least earlier today I knew that they were all wrong!!

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    14 Nov, 2023 08:09pm

    This is a great start but when I tried it tonight the exported file for our products was 1.4Mb in size, when I'd made the changes and went to reimport it I can only import 0.5Mb at a time...surely you can up this limit a bit please?

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    13 Nov, 2023 12:17pm

    I can't see why the feature in sage 50 that didn't need a csv download and upload isn't viable for this program. It's just another waste of time and data. I think a rethink of the whole program would be better. Keep the accounting side of it as that works, but the products and services on sage 50 works, surely a match up of these products would make the program so much better. I fear all the updates are affecting other parts of the program as our statement debt summary still does not work and if that is a known error from an update, this hasn't been put together properly

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    13 Nov, 2023 11:48am

    This software is a time waster….. I changed quickbook for sage because of the price and some utilities. I regret it so much 🤦

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    13 Nov, 2023 10:15am

    Would have been better if there was no need to download the file, make changes and then re-upload; simply enter the global increase or decrease figure and update directly in Sage.

  • Admin
    Brian Ho commented
    13 Nov, 2023 09:59am

    Hi there! We are excited to introduce our new capability which allows you to make bulk updates through a CSV import. Simply export your product or contacts, make changes, and re-import to make updates quickly.

    Please let us know what you think about this new feature!

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    6 Sep, 2023 12:46pm

    I agree, this is a major time waster regarding batch changes of the products, we had sage 50 and this feature was included, it saved hours of time, at the moment we have to change each item individually, that is a full day job that used to take 30 minutes

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    1 Sep, 2023 12:37pm

    Very nice idea ! I've got the same problem. I think it's a huge weak point of this SAGE application.

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    24 Apr, 2023 06:47pm

    Please, please, please lets have this!!!