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Allow for custom date format or pick up date format from platform/browser.

It is very hard to do to invert the dates for every one, especially going from 2020-01-06 (yyyy-mm-dd) to 01-06-2020 (mm-dd-yyyy) you can see how it gets confusing and is prone to error when transcribing or migrating data from another system which supports custom date formats (such as Quickbooks Online, or even excel which uses the platform's configured date format).

You need to use the 'toLocalDateString' javascript function for the browser to pick up the local of the computer. Very simple. This is what Quickbooks Online does.

Note that the US is one of the only countries that uses mm-dd-yyy

In Canada, we use both yyyy-mm-dd (french/ISO format, also the government format) and dd-mm-yyyy (english canada version, like many other nations). Though, I see you format the currency correctly ($4 instead of the US way of doing it 4$). You must understand that all modern software usually respects the platform's configuration, and even casual users know how to change this in windows (or it is applied by the IT department). Obliging the rest of the world to invert digits is not usable, especially if you are creating invoices or transcribing from another system.

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  • Sep 9 2021
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    29 Apr, 2022 02:47pm

    AGREE 100%. The US date format is unacceptable for my purposes. Now I have to be extra careful when entering dates via the keypad or looking at reports.