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STATEMENT RUN - The ability to select by aged debtors.

I want to be able to do a statement run that includes 'overdue' customers only. It currently pulls through everyone with an outstanding payment - some of these are not overdue so I don't want them included in my statement run.

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  • Sep 17 2021
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    6 Nov, 2023 03:22pm

    Agreed - we need to be able to choose down the list & send or do so via a filter of aged amounts in line with the credit terms. ALSO - Statements currently don't add up the totals owed in the different aged totals on the generated statement, they are blank!

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    11 May, 2023 01:01pm

    I don't like the fact this is listed as one for the future. This is a no-brainer and should be looked at sooner than later. Currently if I have 200 customers and only 12 are past due, I have to look up each customer individually and send a statement. It would be nice to only send to those who are +60 or +90 days and only send statements once.

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    15 Mar, 2023 03:52pm

    yes, great idea

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    15 Mar, 2023 01:55pm

    Great suggestion