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Being able to manage the Stripe bank account

There is no functionality to manage the Stripe bank account. I am left with a balance in my Stripe account that has no way of being moved or deleted because I only use Stripe to generate the invoice with pay now button and then turn it off. There needs to be some way to manually override the Stripe account.

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  • Apr 9 2020
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    14 Apr, 2020 05:41pm

    Hi Tom,

    We turn off Stripe because that is the only way to control whether you have a "pay now" button on your invoice or not. It looks rubbish sending large invoices to corporations with this button active.


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    14 Apr, 2020 04:35pm


    Thank you for submitting your idea.

    If I understand correctly the process you are using is as follows:

    1. Connect to stripe

    2. Send an invoice to your customer (including the pay now button to link to stripe)

    3. Disconnect from stripe

    If so would you be able to explain why you are disconnecting from stripe - leaving the account connected would record the bank transactions linked to these invoices automatically, saving you work.

    I'd like to understand why it is you don't want to use this functionality so we can look to improve it.

    If I have misunderstood your process, please explain further.