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Select a different contact or address for different documents

I have the main address set up as the invoice address and the main contact as the accounts department, but when creating a quote, it would be really useful to have a drop down box so you could select a different address (which is saved within the contact) for the delivery address and likewise select a different contact too.

At the moment, my quotes are addressed to the accounts department with no way of changing it (apart from changing the contact every time, not practical when multiple people use Sage for different things within the company) when they should be addressed to a different department.

If multiple addresses and contacts can be saved within a customer, it would be really useful to be able to select them and use them for documents, I have a customer with multiple locations so it would be amazing to select a saved delivery address for that customer instead of typing it manually every time.

Please help :-)

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  • Nov 19 2021
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