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Fix Exporting of Customers Merged

Right so when exporting customers you only get Part of the address.

It exports Address Line 1, Main Address Town, Main Address post code and Country.

Yet, No Address Line 2, no County and also NO information regarding Address 2, or Main contact.

When exporting you get a small CSV file with only a few fields, yet you can't import it back in, you have to split it up, change locations of fields.

How hard can it be to have the export actually export ALL the customer information? Please get this down as a priority option for what looks like your 1 day a week 1 developer team.

No development is really being done that makes reasonable changes, so many things are being mentioned by us users.. yet hardly anything gets changed and it takes months and months for small changes to come through.

Simple search changes i requested more then 1 year ago where done only recently...

This online product should have not been released to public when it did, half arsed half baked product.

Still regretting really moving to this, but still hoping this company can make it a half decent product.

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  • Jan 6 2022
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