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Adding a note to an invoice after its been marked paid

When we generate invoices and make a payment off it, we can't add any notes like mode of delivery, marketing materials that were included in the order, etc. If there was a way to add a note to the sales Invoice/Order after a payment has been taken that would be beneficial. We can add notes once a payment hasn't been made against the invoice, which is ok, but unfortunately sometimes a payment is made prior to shipping mode and marketing materials have been processed.

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  • May 19 2020
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    19 Nov, 2021 01:08am

    I am new to the cloud version and have been frustrated with trying to make a change to a paid vendor invoice after it has been paid. What I discovered is if you remove the payment from the bank account it puts the invoice into unpaid status. I edit the invoice then reprocess the payment. Am I missing something by doing this? That whole unallocation work flow is not transparent at all and I still can't figure out how to do it correctly. For my purposes (small company) deleting the payment works better.

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    15 Jun, 2020 02:25pm


    Thank you for logging your Idea.

    It's not currently possible to edit an invoice while it is paid, but you can unallocate payments from the invoice, then make the needed changed and allocate the payment again.

    I appreciate this has a few extra steps, but it might help you out if you need to edit an invoice.