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Ability to Record Payments against ANY Bank account in the Ledger

At the moment bank accounts are created in the chart of Accounts as a ledger account in the bank Category. However, Bank accounts can also be created in the banking tab if you want to set up a Bank feed. Not all bank accounts are necessarily required to have a bank feed and simply have them in the Ledger for legitimate reasons.

However, when you want to record a Payment for an invoice, the system only allows choice of bank accounts in the banking tab only. This is a serious limitation and quite unnecessary as we want to record SALES through sales Invoices raised for customers and record payment in the bank account that the payment was actually received in.

The only way to record sales for customers who pay into a "Non Banking Tab" account is by creating Journals which makes the whole process longwinded and inaccurate as you can can not run for eg.aged debtor reports as such payments are not reflected.

The other implication is that when funds are transferred between a Banking tab bank account and a Ledger created Bank Account, these can not be recorded from the bank feed as the bank feed does not display Ledger bank only bank accounts.

I strongly feel that ALL BANK ACCOUNTS in the BANK category should be available for recording all bank receipts and payments including visibility of Credit notes when matching Customer receipts and Payments. This should be looked at as a matter of urgency

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  • Feb 15 2022
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