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Adding the Trx number to PL, SL and Cash book modules Merged

Hi there

We have moved from higher version as we required the cloud and your colleagues recommended this.

We are currently still paperbased.

In our previous version the URN (unique reference number) is shown on all

Sales Ledger Accounts

Purchase Ledger Accounts

Cash Book Accounts

As well as the Nominal Ledger.

There was also a transaction Listing option which rolled up and down numerically (not pages or time periods) which can highlight if something has been posted into the incorrect accounting period.

I have “trained” my directors that if a URN number is written on an invoice, payment or Journal then that transaction has been posted to SAGE.

The use of the URN or Trx; as it is shown in the version that we have moved to; PROVES that the transaction has been posted to SAGE and also prevents accidental double posting.

It also prevents someone just “ticking” a transaction as posted rather than actually posting the transaction..

At the moment I have to post a purchase invoice or sales invoice and then go into the


Nominal Activity

Nominal Account

Then find the transaction in order to find the Trx number allocated in order to record it on the transaction paperwork.

It is a long way round to prove that transactions have been posted.

Please is it possible to add a column to the Sales Ledger Accounts, Purchase Ledger Accounts and Cash Books to allow the reference to be found more speedily.

The URN number is also very helpful as a double check when reconciling supplier / customer accounts.

Thank you for reading my suggestion and I hope that you will be able to include the Trx number more widely within the software.

I have been using SAGE for more than 20 years

Stay safe and take care


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  • Feb 24 2022
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