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Add 'Mark as Issued' to options like Print & Email for Sales Invoices Merged

Marking an invoice as ''Issued": at the moment, you can only do this when creating an invoice or by opening each individual invoice and sending it to an email address. This isn't sensible in a real office environment. Sometimes invoices have to be checked by someone else, sometimes they are sent as attachments to another email, sometimes they are even put in an envelope and posted, or handed to a client! It is very tedious to go back afterwards and open each invoice separately and send it to one's own email address, just to mark it as issued! Request: 'Mark as Issued' should be an option next to Print, Email etc. so I can tick a batch of issued invoices and mark them all at once. (I tried emailing a batch of invoices and it DIDN'T mark them as issued!)

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  • May 17 2022
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