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Credit Terms Net 2 and Net 3 Monthly Merged

Within supplier and customer credit terms we now have a tick box for End of Next Month (Net Monthly) - so 30 days from end of month of invoice. Please could we have the same for 60 days from end of month of invoice and 90 days from end of month of invoice.

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  • Jun 8 2022
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    10 Jun, 2022 07:17am

    I agree. Adding "End of Next Month" is a step forward but what we really need is "N days from End of Invoice Month" same as you have in Sage Line200 for example.

    We have many suppliers with 30 Day terms so nd of Next Month works fine for them...

    ... but equally, we have suppliers with due dates of 14th or 15th of following month, so neither of the new settings helps with them.