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Use business owner specified email as 'Sent From' email instead of "" Merged

I've had lots of emails go into spam/junk folders on my customers email systems, most likely due to the mismatch of email address between the "Sent From" and "Reply To" email addresses within the message header data that antivirus and spam filters will interrogate and use to determine whether the email appears in your "Inbox" so you can see it, or whether it goes into a "Spam"/"Junk" folder which many customers will never bother to look at, unless asked to.

I've also had lots of potential customers never contact me to to accept or decline their estimates, so I don't know how many customers never see my estimates and have 'gone elsewhere' even though I may have provided a better solution for them.

I cannot be the only person/business to experience this and be suffering a potential loss of business that could be avoided if the "Sent From" and "Reply To" email addresses match, or at least the "Sent From" email is not "".

Surely if the system can 'see' and know to use the email address you specify for the "Reply To" email, it must be able to use this email as the "Sent From" email address?

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  • Aug 4 2022
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