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Add dropdown of term due date (EOM, Net 30 etc)

Currently you can only set a number of days for due date. Most companies work to EOM (End of Month) plus 30, so all invoices issued to a supplier in March are due 30 April. At the moment, you have to manually change every new invoice's due date. Having a drop box would enable Net 7, Net 30, EOM + 30 etc.

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  • Jun 18 2020
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    19 Jul 12:43pm

    I would actually go further and make the selection based on a default option in SETUP

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    17 Mar 02:52pm

    Really struggling with the on area of sage cloud! i used Sage 50 for some 20 years and always had the choice of being able to age Customer/Supplier invoices by date or net values ( net monthly!) by a simple global setting! The implementation in Sage cloud is terrible. One should not have to adjust every invoice due date just to gain compatibility with what is the normal commercial invoicing practise. Like others I may have to consider jumping to other software if this is not implemented soon!
    Sage !! the lack of this feature really lets this product down !

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    6 Feb 02:46pm

    Pleased to hear it is "in the works"...please make it possible a.s.a.p.

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    4 Feb 04:25pm

    I posted a comment back in the summer and also called as this is a major issue for us all, I am currently looking at other software due to this problem and dreading the setting up again. I love using the software therefore really hope this can be sorted out :)

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    3 Feb 08:24am

    It is really needed that Sage put this facility on the programme to be able to have the option for 30/60/90 days FROM Month End, as this is how many, many companies set their Credit Terms, and currently the Creditors/Debtors Aged reports are causing quite some distress, until I remind Business owners, that it can only report on Invoice Dates, which they - AND the Chartered Accountants firm I carry out work for find very lacking. We have had this facility for many years on Sage 50/C so it is quite normal requirement for many businesses.

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    23 Oct, 2020 09:26am

    Even if in Purchase Quick Entries or Sales Quick Quick Entries, if next to the invoice date column there was a due date column.

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    14 Oct, 2020 03:36pm

    I import all our sales invoices from the excel template as a quick entry therefore I am unable to do anything with the payment terms as the invoices go by the payment terms set up in the customers account, the only way I can solve this issue is to manually put in each invoice which defeats the object of getting this software and having the benefit of the import facility due to the sheer volume of sales invoices we raise each day.

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    14 Jul, 2020 08:47am

    Agreed, I have some who use 15th of following month so term is anything from 16 to 46 days depending on date.