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Visible references (ie Customer PO numbers & Supplier invoice descriptions/our PO numbers) on Aged Debtor & Creditor reports Merged

It would be useful to see more references when pulling off the Aged Debtor and Aged Creditor reports.

Aged Debtors we can currently see:

  • Our invoice number

  • Date

  • Value

However it would also be useful to see:

  • The Customers PO number (in order to help with chasing for unpaid invoices)

  • Text description (ie. what is being sold to the customer)

Aged Creditors we can currently see:

  • Supplier invoice number

  • Date

  • Value

However, it would also be useful to see:

  • Our PO number

  • Text description (ie. what we have paid/intend to pay)

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  • Aug 16 2022
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