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Allocating a refund from a supplier for overpayments that do not match the balance

I had a refund this morning which came up in the bank feed. I tried to use the Match option but there was no option to allocate against payments on account so had to call support.

The amount I had paid on account was £565.15 but was sent £515.15 which meant I was left with £50 that was being retained on account, however, I had no choice but to go to Supplier Refunds, then allocate the entire £565.15 and add a payment on account of £50.00 once again as the only workaround - even support were stumped by this.

I cannot believe that it's impossible to allocate a partial refund against payments already made on account and the process was insane, so can you please add the ability to make this possible please?

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  • Sep 16 2022
  • We're Taking A Look At This
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