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Management MULTIPLE STOCKS Merged


We have few WAREHOUSES so we need to manage few STOCKS

All our articles are in the same Database PRODUCTS and there is no possibility to split the STOCK in SAGE in few STOCKS to be able to see where is exactly the PRODUCT

We suggest your team give the possibility to the User to CREATE and register STOCK (Name) in SAGE MENU section PRODUCTS AND SERVICES to allow to the User keep records of MULTIPLE STOCKS

In the MENU section PRODUCTS AND SERVICES there should be also a possibility to FILTER STOCKS : Show All Stocks, Show Stock 1 , Show Stock 2 , Show Stock 3, etc..

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  • Oct 13 2022
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  • Jul 20, 2023

    Admin response

    Hello All,

    We are happy to tell you this has now been delivered!

    For more information please look out for the 'What's New' In-Product message which will outline what has been released and how to take advantage of this functionality.

    Kind regards

    Sage Accounting Team

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    1 Nov, 2022 10:38am

    Hi, I have a similar situation and it would be good if every time I invoiced a product I could enter the location it was supplied from. I don't know if this was originally a planned future feature because stock items have always had an editable "Location".

    One way to do it at present is to duplicate the product for each location and create variants of the Item Code, e.g. append a letter at the end. When you create an invoice and type the product in the Product/Service box it shows the Item Code in brackets so you can pick the relevant one from the dropdown list. When you tab across to the Qty field it will show you available stock just for that location.

    Your stock reports will show you lines for each location rather than stock by location and there would be no "total stock" figure, but then if you export the data to a spreadsheet it would be easy to process the list into one line for each SKU and columns for each location and total, or view stock by location. It might be possible to do some analysis within Sage if you don't use the Category field for your products, in which case that could be your warehouse locations and you can filter the Products list by category and view only the products and stock level at that location – but you would still need to duplicate your products because each product can only have one category and you'd still need to select distinct product/location Item Codes on invoices to track stock.

    It depends on how sophisticated you are trying to be with what is an accounting tool rather than an ERP system. If find that to do most operational stuff I have to export data from Sage (Business Cloud) rather than be able to run the business from within the one system.