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Option for Periodic backup to an external medium Merged

Sage BCA is OK but what the desktop product has over BCA, apart from better overall functionality (at least) is that the desktop version has a backup facility which then allows restoration after the inevitable screw-up to a point in time where a known dataset integrity point in time is available to restart from. At the moment, if there is a large number of transactions being input and halfway through an error occurs, unnoticed, this cannot be recovered without reversing all of the transactions added after the error. If, for example, a flag was set to ask the user whether they would like to back up after a selectable period of time, or maybe after a certain number of Txs have been entered, then the means to recover would be available and time would be saved. The function could be entirely optional and controllable from a settings key.

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  • Oct 13 2022
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