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Full import of Revolut (and other online only accounts) expenses with cost code, description and image

Many internet banks offer comprehensive expense management solutions where users capture photos of receipts and enter description of expense etc.

If you use Sage Autoentry, that imports all details into Sage, but is a "parallel" application if you have an internet bank account with full expense management such as Revolut, Soldo etc.

Whilst the Revolut account can be linked to Sage, all transactions are listed for import, but screen only shows payee and amount with reference being the same information as payee. This is not enough information for a bookkeeper to decide on cost code before import.

Thye have to look up each expense first, then adding cost code and finally adding image to record once imported, a very long-winded process for something that is supposed to speed things up.

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  • Nov 22 2022
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