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More flexibility with Logo for Invoices

Hi, our logo doesn't comply with the aspect ratio requirements for the invoice template. But without our logo the way we want it the Logo really looks unprofessional and this is really a bad look for a business.

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  • Jul 15 2020
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    19 Jan, 2022 02:26am

    Just signed up with Sage, and this is a nightmare. We have tried formatting our logo with the recommended aspect ratio. Tried increasing the file's DPI to 300, tried different formats like PNG, GIF and JPG. Every time we get a blurry horrible looking logo. There is no point in having a logo on the invoice if it looks so unprofessional. I would rather just use text. But that is also quite bad. Please can someone fix this, it's such a basic problem! How hard can it be for your engineers??

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    28 Sep, 2021 07:48am

    Thank you for sharing and voting on this idea! To ensure your invoice accurately reflect your company's brand, we've simplified the upload and adjustment of logo's when customising your invoice.

    We've removed the size limit of 1 MB for logo images and once uploaded, you can easily reposition the image in the preview area or zoom in or out to get it looking just right. You can also reset the image if you need to start over. Go to Settings, and then select Logo and Templates under Document Preferences to try it out and please let us know what you think?

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    26 Jul, 2021 12:10pm

    Hello, I confirm, it is really unprofessional to be able to display this.

    It's fuzzy, incorrect dimensions (ratio).

    Please fix it.

    Good day and courage.

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    9 Jun, 2021 04:13pm

    I have been using Sage for roughly 2 years and used my company logo plus 2 association logos. I have now opened another Sage account for a different business and guess what, the logos won't upload as their aspect ratio is wrong. I've spoken to Tech Support who can't help as my logo is taller than it is wide and it needs to be the other way around ffs! If I had a choice I'd dump Sage right now, setting up this second account has been an absolute nightmare from the start but not being able to upload my company logo is completely ridiculous

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    21 May, 2021 12:30pm


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    8 Mar, 2021 02:36pm

    Couldnt agree more...its absolutely dreadful...and a bad first impression for clients adopting the software.