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Sage Accounting Standard Version - Reports Display Is Awful

When looking at Balance Sheet or PL for example the default report is a small box with sliders, similar to what we got in Windows XP 20 years ago.

It is clunky and you are forced to slide to the right to get the numbers to appear in the box.

Who thought this was a good idea?

There is a lot of screen real estate wasted and it looks cheap and nasty.

Even Quickbooks and Xero look better than this.


No way to change defaults on report dates to EOY rather than YTD...

Also Also...

No way to create and save Custom Reports...

I have been an accountant for nearly 40 years and used everything from Kalamazoo to Bespoke Construction Accounting Software, and always liked Sage, especially 200 but also used 50 extensively.

But this product, Sage Accounting Standard is very much below the standards that are acceptable, and I am of the opinion that if that level of sloppiness is applied to the design of the reporting presentation and user customization, then how bad are the mechanics beneath the hood?

Currently NOT RECOMMENDING this product to my clients until major changes are implemented.

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  • Jan 23 2023
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    9 Feb, 2023 11:27am

    Are you referring to the new BS and P&L? If so I agree.