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Adding inclusive VAT to paid invoices

I applied for a VAT registration number after informing HMRC that I was going to exceed the threshold soon. Up until this point all invoice were raised without VAT. I continued to send invoices out without VAT added whilst I was waiting for the number as I was under the impression that I couldn't add VAT to invoices without this. HMRC took 3 months to send the number and I had raised over 1000 invoices in that time before I then amended they system to include VAT and change my invoices. Now that my VAT return is due I need to calculate what I owe them but I have 1000+ invoices on the system that do not have the VAT included. I have just been informed on live chat that I would have to delete all invoices and reenter them with VAT for the system to recognise my VAT and that is it not possible to go back and edit them in bulk from one date to another. Surely I can't be the only person that has made this error or could benefit from a system that has more flexibility built in to is for amending Paid invoices

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  • Jan 25 2023
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