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Ability to exclude Main Contact Name from sales invoice

At the moment if you have added a main contact name to the customer record, this name automatically appears on the sales invoice. I do not want the contact name to appear on the invoice but I need to know the name of the main contact. There should be an option in template settings to include/exclude main contact name from invoice.

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  • Jul 28 2020
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    26 Oct, 2022 11:14am

    I need to be able to send residential and commercial sales invoices. The commercial invoices are fine as it shows the contact name and company name but with the residential invoices it's also pulling through the company name. Now post migration, I now have to put the customer name into the company name field for over 1000 accounts as it has to be populated and therefore is showing their name as duplicated on the invoice. I am really surprised this has been overlooked

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    31 Jan, 2022 02:30pm

    I don't understand why it was ever thought to be a good idea. When I pointed it out to the migration team and on Sage help I was told to just replace with Main Contact. Not overly helpful!

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    10 Dec, 2021 10:51am

    Absolutely agree with this comment. Sage is merging too much info. The contact name and number I enter are required. But with regard to billing/invoicing, it will always be sent to a finance dept in a company - I do not want to bill and individual person in a company. This issue is causing a lot of hassle and a delay in getting bills paid.

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    19 Sep, 2021 10:56am

    I agree with this comment - the work around of having to type main Contact to remove the contact name from the invoice is not acceptable.

    Can you look into the template setting that you can edit what appears on the Invoice. There needs to be more lines that can be edited if we need or want to. The template pulls the details from the contact details tab - can this be edited and allow for changes of what we want to show on invoices (Like report designer allows changes in Line50). The templates choice and not allowing changes feels like a poor design that we are given basics and this needs more effort to look professional. Thank you and please look into this issue.