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More then two decimal places

Need more then two decimal places for purchase invoice. Invoice for fuel and invoices with discounts on the unit price require more then two decimal places, as at the moment I am having to create another line on inputting the invoice stating decimal place difference, and this does not look very professional.

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  • Jul 29 2020
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    17 Mar 09:29am

    We definitely need to have 3 or 4 more decimal places - have requested this before so the question is just why are Sage not introducing it ?

  • Guest commented
    15 Mar 03:00pm

    I asked for this years ago

  • Guest commented
    3 Jan 04:19pm

    necesitamos más de dos defínales por favor. Gracias

  • Guest commented
    17 Oct, 2022 10:13am

    Para poder trabajar mejor seria necesario añadir más decimales o poder modifacar como cada uno necesite.

  • Guest commented
    8 Oct, 2022 08:11pm

    Not having 3 or more decimal places is defiantly a deal breaker for switching myself and all my clients over to Sage 50. We will be forced to stick with Quickbooks unfortunately as this is 100% required for the clients I work with!!

  • Guest commented
    6 Oct, 2022 01:33pm

    Like all the comments below, three or four decimal places on purchase and sales invoices is a basic requirement for accounting. I can see the requests for this go back some time - when will it be rolled out.

  • Guest commented
    29 Sep, 2022 09:17am

    Hi - Is this idea due for review anytime soon?

    I can see its been mentioned there was a previous roadmap in place to include this. Are there any updates that can be shared?

  • Guest commented
    15 Sep, 2022 01:43pm

    This is really important to work with the numbers. Need three or four decimal atleast.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun, 2022 02:01pm

    Would REALLY like the 4 decimal places, especially as my previous Sage 50 had it.

    Not having the 4 decimal places is creating extra work for me.

  • Guest commented
    13 Jun, 2022 03:12pm

    This is an issue for sales invoices as well as purchase invoices, for small shops e.g. Butchers or greengrocers invoicing either per gram or per Kilo, you definitely need a minimum of 3 decimal places on either the Quantity, or the Price per unit field to make this work successfully. I notice there are still several other live ideas, all separately asking for the principal of extra decimal places. Could these also be merged if the aim is the same, to get this met faster please?

    Going forward, I think that Accounting Plus should really be able to cope with the basics which entry level Sage 50 Cloud used to handle going forward. For efficiency, if the developers need to make changes to bring the places to 3, why not go for 4 straight away, and save development time later on perhaps?

  • Guest commented
    10 Jun, 2022 09:53am

    Good morning, our company needs more than two decimal places to do the invoices properly. This is a big problem for us

  • Guest commented
    12 May, 2022 01:52pm

    As a SMB this is a real issue in today's international market for exchange rates, purchasing and supplying. We purchase, manufacture and supply electronic components on the global market and not being able to account to 6 decimal places is frustrating to state the least. I truly hope SAGE updates all the software products and versions.

  • Guest commented
    27 Apr, 2022 10:39am

    Please increase decimal points; find it baffling that this wasn't in place in the first instance. Makes invoicing so much harder and makes it overly complicated when it doesn't need to be. Needs to be changed soon otherwise we may have to re-think using Sage.

  • Guest commented
    21 Mar, 2022 11:52am

    Good day, did anyone ever get a response from Sage concerning the decimal places? If so please help. I am struggling with this issue. We need to invoice up to 4 digits after the coma i.e 36.0059.

  • Guest commented
    6 Oct, 2021 12:03pm

    This not being a feature is disappointing - so many products are purchased with decimal places. On each purchase invoice I'm €20 - €50 off the correct total price and have to keep doing false "Credit notes" or "Supplier Refunds"

  • Guest commented
    5 Oct, 2021 10:59am

    Just migrated to SAGE Cloud and very disappointed that this issue was not highlighted before we migrated. We deal in tonnes/kilos so our invoices do not total the customer purchase order. This is a real oversight and needs rectifying asap.

  • Guest commented
    4 Aug, 2021 05:29pm

    Still no advance on when this will arrive? Seems like such a basic function to be missing from accountancy software...

  • Guest commented
    25 May, 2021 10:52am

    Please increase to 3 decimals after the comma. Just migrated to online version and I am afraid we might need to revert to desktop version.

  • Guest commented
    20 Apr, 2021 06:06pm

    Similar to fixing taxes rate at the product level, decimal point is a feature available to Sage 50 subscribers only. I don't believe Sage will ever enable these features (as well as other clever ones) anytime soon to Business Cloud Accounting users.

  • Guest commented
    14 Apr, 2021 09:07am

    I would also find this very useful - I buy a product for £0.002 and sell for £0.006.

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