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More then two decimal places

Need more then two decimal places for purchase invoice. Invoice for fuel and invoices with discounts on the unit price require more then two decimal places, as at the moment I am having to create another line on inputting the invoice stating decimal place difference, and this does not look very professional.

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  • Jul 29 2020
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    6 Oct 12:03pm

    This not being a feature is disappointing - so many products are purchased with decimal places. On each purchase invoice I'm €20 - €50 off the correct total price and have to keep doing false "Credit notes" or "Supplier Refunds"

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    5 Oct 10:59am

    Just migrated to SAGE Cloud and very disappointed that this issue was not highlighted before we migrated. We deal in tonnes/kilos so our invoices do not total the customer purchase order. This is a real oversight and needs rectifying asap.

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    4 Aug 05:29pm

    Still no advance on when this will arrive? Seems like such a basic function to be missing from accountancy software...

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    25 May 10:52am

    Please increase to 3 decimals after the comma. Just migrated to online version and I am afraid we might need to revert to desktop version.

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    20 Apr 06:06pm

    Similar to fixing taxes rate at the product level, decimal point is a feature available to Sage 50 subscribers only. I don't believe Sage will ever enable these features (as well as other clever ones) anytime soon to Business Cloud Accounting users.

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    14 Apr 09:07am

    I would also find this very useful - I buy a product for £0.002 and sell for £0.006.

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    22 Mar 03:03pm

    Agreed - would like this to be a setting to allow you to set to a value that meets your particular business need

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    22 Feb 12:22pm

    if we could estimate in fractions of pennies then we would of bought this.

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    19 Feb 10:24am

    Some utility prices go to 6 decimal places - if changing, suggest data field type that does not restrict decimal places for calculation but for reporting rounds up as per utility bills

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    1 Feb 03:31pm

    This would help us as a business greatly as we invoice per tonne and sell in a lot of products in 25kg bags!!

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    16 Dec, 2020 03:00pm

    Agreed it would make things easier when accounting.

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    4 Dec, 2020 02:01pm

    We need to be able to invoice for items in fractions of £ pence ie., £0.071. Thus 1,200 units at £0.071 = £85.20

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    19 Nov, 2020 03:49pm

    Please increase to 3 decimals after the comma.

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    30 Oct, 2020 11:00am

    would need this to go to even 4 decimal places as have a bolts invoices where by its £35.02/100=0.3502 and you can't enter this anywhere

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    14 Oct, 2020 08:17pm

    I'm really struggling to raise a Purchase Invoice for 2.545 Tonnes charged at £582.00 per Tonne. Whether I raise the Purchase Invoice as Tonnes and £ per Tonne, or kg and £ per kg , I cannot raise the Purchase Invoice for the correct amount. The same problem occurs when I come to raise a Sales Invoice for the same Goods.

    Please increase to 3 decimal places.

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    5 Oct, 2020 05:02am

    I work in an industry where taxes are a min of 4 decimal places and for that have difficulty with invoicing, receiving invoices and reconciling. Having the ability to select more than two decimal places would assist in me adding clients to the SBCA.

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    4 Oct, 2020 05:23pm

    I definitely would like to see an option to change number of decimal points. would make posting mileage claims much easier. Thanks.

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    4 Sep, 2020 08:57am

    For us, having two decimal places on invoices is an essential pre-condition of using Sage.