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Use the product/service column in estimates/invoices for product codes.

When writing estimates and using the product/service dropdown menu to populate the item description and pricing, it displays the entire item description as added in Products and Services instead of using the much shorter product code. This causes a few issues:

  1. There's a character cap on the length of item descriptions in Products and Services that seems to align with how many characters fit on the dropdown menu without needing a second line. This cap is not present in the item description section of the estimate form. Using the product code instead would allow longer item descriptions, saving time from manually adding more detail to line items when writing estimates.

  2. The product code is displayed on the far right side (end of the item description) instead of the left, which makes navigating a list of similar products tedious. You can search more specifically, but sometimes there are a lot of very similar items.

  3. The item description is already listed in the column directly beside product/service. There isn't really a reason to list it twice, especially when one column is too narrow to be useful.

I checked with the chat function and it isn't possible to use that column for product codes, but the column is sized perfectly for it and that would make navigating the page much simpler.

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  • Apr 7 2023
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