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It shouldn't take more than a week to have your email address changed on your account. This is Thursday night. I requested the change last Friday morning. I have been locked out of my account ever since and nobody can fix it. The only way to talk to anybody is through chat, which I have been doing several times a day. I have a case number that a manager has supposed to be looking at for 2 days now. Nobody can be bothered to phone me or email me, though I made sure they have all of my contact information. I have wasted so many hours waiting to chat, doing what experiments the chat people want me to try and waiting for someone to get back to me. Today though, nobody is available to chat and there are no other options for me to get back to work on all the invoices and other things that need to be entered. I am going to wait and wait and wait and then spend hours furiously trying to get caught up. Because I wanted to use a different email address.

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  • Apr 13 2023
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    27 Apr, 2023 04:23am

    Day 21. I spent 6 hours waiting in front of the computer for the Team Meet call we were supposed to have sometime after 4:00 today and nobody bothered to get in touch.

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    23 Apr, 2023 02:24pm

    Update - this is day 16 with no access to my account. Four days ago, I finally proved to them that the problem was on their end and not on mine. I had told them several times that I had tried to login with 3 different computers and 3 different browsers. An imac, an ipad, and a microsoft laptop. The laptop was one I had never used in my life and therefore couldn't have saved any of my login information. Three days ago I asked for an update and the reply was, "we are working on it. I will keep you posted." Crickets since then. Are they really working on it? Have they given up or forgotten about it? Did they send me down to the bottom of the pile so they could handle all the easier jobs first? It is frustrating enough that I can't get the numbers I need to pay my government bills which are going to generate penalties and interest, but someone should have the decency to keep me informed and assured that they will solve the issue soon.

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    13 Apr, 2023 10:59pm

    I should add that I am in Canada and using the online only version. That means I can't open my computer and all my accounts are sitting there. I can't even look at any of the 7 years worth of data I have entered.