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Reference field via Banking Feed

After speaking to Sage Support I've been told the reference field is limited to 25 characters. On the banking feed I can see more characters in the description and in some cases this is useful info. However, once I send the transaction to the relevant nominal account the data is 'trimmed' to 25 characters meaning important info can be lost. Are there any plans to increase the number of characters imported into Sage?

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  • Apr 20 2023
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  • Guest commented
    10 Oct, 2023 10:07am

    Again, completely agree, otherwise have to type in each description, in which case, may as well enter manually

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug, 2023 01:12pm

    Completely agree with the comment below (8 Jun) this is a severe limitation in Sage which Xero does not suffer from. This really needs to be addressed

  • Guest commented
    8 Jun, 2023 10:28am

    Desperately need this issue to be sorted asap - need full bank description to be shown for review and reporting, otherwise still need to use bank statements which defeats the object of using Sage One!

  • Guest commented
    2 May, 2023 10:10am

    Per the above it would be useful for bank rules to be able to pull in the whole "description" field from the details pulled in from the bank transaction line