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Flexibility on maximum employees in Payroll when an employee joins after someone has left

Allow for more employees than the subscribed package, if the end date and start date of 2 employees do not overlap.

Or, allow an employee to be paid after entering their leaving date, and have them still be on the pay run, so their FPS can be submitted in the same cycle as their final pay.

i.e., my subscription has a maximum of 10 employees, and I have 10 employees. One employee left at the end of May, and we were able to backfill them 1 pay cycle later - so we briefly had 9 employees, now we're back to 10.

But because Payroll requires me to pay a leaver before marking them as a leaver - otherwise they disappear from the pay run - and then submit their FPS in the following pay run, it's refusing to let me even open the new employee dialogue until after I've run the FPS for this pay run. So I'm having to upgrade to a new subscription, despite not ever having more than 10 employees.

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  • Jun 22 2023
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