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USD Price List for USD Customers

Price lists for foreign currency customers in their appropriate foreign currency that don't depend on the domestic exchange rate.

Currently, the foreign currency unit price as stated on invoices changes based on the exchange rate, so if the exchange rate goes up, the foreign currency unit price changes proportionally. The foreign unit price should be constant, not being affected by currency fluctuations.

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  • Jun 28 2023
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    1 Dec, 2023 10:11am

    I have raised this before. They didn't seem to understand the issue. It is a huge pain!

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    5 Sep, 2023 11:04am

    This is a HUGE problem for us. We have a customer price list in GBP, USD and EUR. We use a fixed rate of 1.35 for USD and 1.2 for EUR on our price list. In the quote we can enter 1.35/1.2 as needed to get the quote in USD/EUR to match the price list. When we convert the quote to an invoice we need to use a LIVE rate to more actuatly account for revenue in GBP.

    However, when converting to an invoice all the USD/EUR prices change based on the live rate so such that it no longer matches the quote (or the customer purchase order). This means that we then have to manually re-enter all the USD/EUR values from the quote (including discounts) which is less than ideal and error prone.

    Furthermore, Sage does some strange rounding calculation so ever when we enter the same unit prices the totals often come out differnet to the quote.