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can you improve on statements .my statements show overdue amount whilst customer does not owe the amount .i currently have to block our overdue part with a sticker before sending statement .

if some one owe 200 euros and pay 100 euros why cant it bring a balance forward of 100 euros at the end of the month then enter next months invoices.

Statements are currrently a disaster has to be a better way .come on smart accountants

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  • Aug 20 2020
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    26 Oct, 2021 07:45am

    Terrible statement layout!! Overdue balance dominates and is invariably incorrect. Originally complained about this in 2020!!!!! Nothing done. So bad!!!

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    25 Oct, 2021 10:01am


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    25 Oct, 2021 09:54am

    Please please fix this problem immediately!!!!! Customers are complaining about the overdue amount not being the actual correct amount owed!!! The statement does not take into account unapplied cash receipts such as payments on account, so the overdue amount shown is completely incorrect! Fix this. You are losing customers and goodwill.

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    25 Oct, 2021 09:44am

    When will this be fixed, it's ridiculous, we are having the same problems!

    Customers are complaining that the statement shows in big bold letters that there is an OVERDUE amount when there isn't???

    SAGE please rectify this, people have been complaining for over a year now!

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    14 Oct, 2020 03:26pm

    I agree I can not send statement out to our customers due to the information for what is due is incorrect which looks unprofessional on our part, really hoping that you guys can get something in place as 30 Days EOM is common practise in accounting.