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Have a system setting to show all outstanding on ledger cards and ignore the from date/combo box option

Could there be a system setting that will allow ledger cards to show ALL outstanding entries by default and that also ignores the from date needing to be set It greys out maybe or default to match the old outstanding item on the list) or select outstanding from the drop down combo box.

It is a real pain trying to guess what date to set in order to find a complete list of all the outstanding entries. I am forever having to whiz the from date back many months because I can't be sure i have all the outstanding entries showing


You go on to a card. It shows figure balance of what is owed by the customer But often only a few invoices the ledger activity show.

You have to set a date (basically you have to keep guessing this date) in order to show all the invoices /credits that are outstanding

It could be that an invoice by a given customer is some 6 months old cos there was a query etc.

You have to keep changing the date until the ledger shows all the invoices that match the debt figure.

This is a standard feature in Sage 50 as the ledgers show all outstanding entries by default.

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  • Jul 14 2023
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