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Discounts by customer

I want to be able to specify a discount per contact to applied to invoices.
Initially this could simply by a %-age on the Customer Record which is then set as a default for all product lines as they are entered on an invoice.

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  • Nov 23 2019
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    29 Mar, 2023 08:48am

    Surely there has got to be an update to this by now ?

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    25 Feb, 2021 10:09am

    I agree this is really important. I can create price tiers for bands of customer but most of my trade customers want to see list price and the discount % (not the amount which currently shows). This needs to be on a per-order line basis.

    Another point of feedback is that when you have an existing invoice order line and you edit the quantity from say 1 to 2, a discounted amount originally entered as a % does not update so a 30% discount becomes 15%. I can't think of any real-life situation where this would be the case, so it's an odd behaviour to have.

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    28 Dec, 2020 08:42am

    This is a very much needed feature since the ability to create up to 8 product prices is not enough. In consequence discounts have to be applied and manually applying discounts for every generated invoice is very error-prone.