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Show bin locations against product lines

We would like to search for a part in the products and services section and have the ability to show the bin location against the lines (this would be great when looking for one part). For example if I type in gloves, all the gloves in various makes, models, colours, etc come up but I have to physically go into each line one by one in order to find the bin location which is so very time consuming when looking for a part for a customer. This would also be a good idea when setting up invoices for customers/quotes as all information for picking an order is to hand.

Our isssue is that we need to find a variety of items for our customers, and having to go all the way through to the edit an item to find a bin location is madness and sooooooooo time consuming. Please add it to the tools listing on products and services and also have it as the ability to list as a line when choosing your invoice settings.

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  • Jul 18 2023
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