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Sage 50 Premium - project module reports

Would be great to print a 'list' of active projects with their net balances for a selected date range. When you select, Reports, Lists, Projects, the report columns available are not at all helpful for viewing important information recorded in that module. ALSO, when selecting Reports, Project, Income, it would be beneficial for one of the report columns to be the net amount of the project for the date range selected. The net amount appearing in its own column, not underneath the revenue and expenses. When it is in its own column, and the report is opened in excel, it allows one to quickly add that column, to get a grand total of all projects, for either a 'summary' or 'detailed' project report. Having the net project amount in its own column would possibly enable it to become an additional columns to add to the Reports, Lists, Projects option. Please give this some thought to help us who use Project module often.

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  • Aug 1 2023
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