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Add the word "Invoice" "Credit Note" etc in document file name

More and more larger corporate companies are now insisting that due to their auto reading of pdf invoices etc. They now require the word invoice etc to part of not only the document but also in the file name of the invoice itself when emailed to them.

At the moment it only shows as eg: "Si 11955 XYZ company and the a/c ref.pdf"

Quite a few now simply reject our invoices

and instead of simply emailed them we are now forced to save to disk. edit the file name and manually resend in our email program.

Managing this is becoming a headache as you can't flag which customers are effected.

Could you consider adding this small change to the pdf file name to auto insert Invoice/credit note etc.

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  • Aug 8 2023
  • We're Taking A Look At This
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