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PAYMENTS: stop VAT amount adding to net figure when selecting 0% or exempt VAT rate.

When entering payments under the banking module there is a glitch that is rather annoying. When I enter the net amount of an item and then go into the VAT rate column and select zero/exempt it then adds a VAT amount into the net column therefore it is assuming I have entered a gross figure under the net amount column. This means you then get left a difference in the 'left to record' box and I then have to re enter the net amount again. I know that you can select standard VAT rates for specific nominals but for nominals where the VAT rate varies this problem does slow down inputting information and it would make more sense if when you select the VAT rate to zero or exempt that the VAT amount is just removed and the net amount entered remains the same. This glitch could also lead to people who are working fast to make errors.

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  • Sep 19 2023
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