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Advisor filing access for both bookkeeper and accountant

I hold the partner/accountant version of SBC paying the licence my clients paying me & am deemed to be the accountant. But I am not their accountant, I am the bookkeeper with my own HMRC agent account for VAT which allows me to submit MTD VAT returns from the software. A problem then arises when I need to add clients accountants especially those with their own Partner/accountant licences as Sage doesn't allow more than one 'accountant'. What is needed is to increase this so that both bookkeepers dealing with VAT (& quarterly MTDITSA when needed) and accountants dealing with final tax can access information through their own Sage for Accountants & ultimately submit the relevant returns using their own individual HMRC agent log ins. Also, if a clients licence is held by the accountant I cannot then add them to my SfA to be able to submit their VAT as their agent. If you check out the opposition, Xero & Quickbooks, you will see that both make allowance for this with advisor access for more than just one, Sage is lagging behind somewhat. I should welcome a call to explain this in more detail and hope it is something that will developed very soon. I really dont want to have to move all my clients from Sage to another software.

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  • Oct 5 2023
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