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Allow details field of quick entries to appear in "Your Ref" column of remittances.

When purchase invoices are entered as quick entries, the reference field appears in the "Our Ref" column when a remittance is printed. There is no way to get anything to appear in the "Your Ref" column from a quick entry.

We use the details field of quick entries to record the suppliers invoice numbers. It would therefore be useful to to have a feature which allowed the details field to appear in the "Your Ref" column of the remittance so that suppliers can see their invoice numbers. If we try and get around this problem by putting the supplier invoice number in the quick entry reference field the remittance doesn't make sense because the supplier invoice number appears in the "Our Ref" column.

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  • Nov 21 2023
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    22 Feb 08:37am


    Because I enter the supplier invoice number in the reference field, so that I CAN send a remittance (I have to - I often have 200+ invoices to pay in any given month), it means I am unable to search SAGE one for a purchase order number reference!

    As well as not showing on the remittance advice, the details field is also not displayed when looking at a supplier account. Meaning it is not searchable. Meaning - it is an absolutely, completely useless field. You can only view it by locating the quick entry and clicking on it to see what's inside!!

    I have to keep a separate spreadsheet linking my PO numbers to the supplier reference numbers, just so that I can search for an invoice.

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    22 Feb 08:26am

    I actually believe this is a longstanding bug.

    On the "example_import_purchase_quick_entries.csv" template, it suggests the supplier invoice number should be entered in the "Reference" column and the "Details" column should contain an internal reference to the purchase. In the example, it says, "Pens", "Paper" etc, but in our case it would be "PO Number".

    As the "Reference" field in a quick entry is suggested as being the supplier invoice number, it should be listed under "Your Ref" on the remittance, but it is listed under "Our Ref". And, as you say, the "Details" field is omitted entirely, although I believe that field is supposed to be detailed under "Our Ref".

    This would then line up with how a standard entry purchase invoice appears on the remittance advice note.