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Default option to not allow credit payments

Make an option to have invoices default to not payable by credit, instead of having them automatically be credit-payable. I have a lot of small, recurring payments where I'll just eat the processing fee, but I also have very large payments where the fees start to add up. Our procedure is to charge the processing fee past a certain dollar amount, but at the moment we need to go through each invoice over that amount and mark them as not credit-payable. One missed invoice could cost us hundreds of dollars in non-refundable fees, that we then need to either eat the cost of or go after the client for in another invoice.

Even adding a checkbox to the invoice creation page would help, like there already is for recurring invoices. Instead, we need to create the invoice, return to the invoices page, re-open the invoice, uncheck the box for credit payments, and then return back to the invoices page for the next one. This takes longer than writing some of the invoices.

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  • Jan 3 2024
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