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Rephrase the titles of the Sales Invoice Templates to avoid confusion

Customers have complained that sales invoices generated from Sage (sbc accounting) did not have the quantity and unit rate shown. This means that customers have no way of deciphering a lump sum per sales invoice line, and are unaware of what they are being billed for. Several customers have complained. The reason for the confusion is the categorising of the sales invoice templates into Product and Services, with the Services templates (x3) not including the critical qty and unit price data. It is incorrect to assume that qty and unit price would never be required when selling a service, and I suggest that the simple answer is to relabel the two categories from 'Product based' and 'Service based' to 'With Quantity and Unit Price' and 'Without Quantity and Unit Price. The reason for the suggestion is that the logic is wrong, and in applying the wrong logic, confusion has been created, and that confusion manifests itself in what looks like an unintended 'silent communication', i.e. if you are providing a service, you should follow this path, which in turn is creating a major issue. When I first raised this as a problem I was advised to upgrade to Sage 50 at a much higher cost, but that advice was apparently incorrect, and my next course of action was to switch to another brand of accounting software, which is less problematic.

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  • Mar 4 2024
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