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CIS - Show true invoice value in email

So after speaking to you guys on the phone, I have been asked to give feeback in regards to my current issue as there is no fix at present.

I use Sage to create and send sales invoices to my customers, and both myself and my customers are CIS registered. However, when I send my invoice out to the customer, the software uses the net value of the invoice (excluding CIS payments), and so my customers are calling me as they are confused due to the email subject and pdf invoice telling them 2 different values that needs paying.

The software needs to take into account any CIS deduction, so it sends an email with the "Outstanding" value instead of the "Net" value, as the "Outstanding" value is what actually needs to be paid.

I have attached proof of an invoice that I have sent to a client, one image shows the email they get, and the other one shows when they click on the physical invoice.

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  • Mar 6 2024
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