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Option to add attachment from bank feed screen

It would be extremely useful for my work at least to be able to add attachments from the "Incoming Bank Transactions" screen.

I would often have receipts to match with small transactions for Refreshments/Office Supplies. No need to create an Supplier and Invoice for each individual one, I just match the transaction to the receipt.

In Sage, I create an "Other Payment" to the relevant ledger account and then I need to go back to the Cash Book, find the payment and add the receipt as an attachment.

It is quite a monotonous task, and it definitely could be made much easier and quicker if the attachment could be added at the time of creation.

In order to keep track of what transactions I need to get a receipt for, I don't create the transaction until I have the receipt as I get them in piecemeal after lots and lots of chasing my client

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  • Apr 12 2024
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