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Email Address on Invoice/Documents Layout

The email address that shows on the Invoices/Documents defaults to the account owner's email, or your accountant's if that's how you signed up.

As an accountant partner this is defaulting to my email address which is a ridiculous setting, why would any accountant/partner want their email address to show on a clients Invoice as part of the clients Business contact details.

The current workaround is to untick "Show Email Address" and add it to a box lower down the Document, but it needs to be with the rest of the contact details.

A simple fix for this is to add an Email Address field in Manage Business Account>Business Details (bizarre that it's not already there), as this is where all other contact info is taken from for the Documents.

Another option would be to have an email field next to "Show Email Address" in Document Preferences so you could choose an address different to the main email (such as accounts@)

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  • May 9 2024
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