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Allow multiple rules to apply on a transaction; remove 'required' fields for each rule (Ledger Account etc.).

A single transaction can have multiple overlapping associated concepts affecting different fields. For example, it could have information to do with service, location and organisation. Some of that information is relevant to the Ledger Acount while some of it needs to be captured as meta data (eg. appended to the description field).

Currently, I'm only able to set a single rule per transaction, which limits the potential for automation as I have to set a new rule for each permutation of of variables for the transaction.

Instead, if it were possible to apply multiple rules per transaction, and if each rule could apply to a single variable, rather having to set required properties like Ledger Account etc.), this would enable me to set a single rule per concept, rather than having to create a new rule per combination of concepts (which is an exponentially larger set).

Validation rules for imported transactions would be handled as a later step with exceptions surfaced to the user.

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  • May 23 2024
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