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make rules an option with imported bank statements

please make rules an option on imported bank statements aswell as bank feeds as not all clients are on bank feeds

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  • Sep 18 2020
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    21 Oct, 2021 12:51pm

    Good afternoon. Thank you for your input and for voting on this feature, which is now live. Here is the help article to get you up and running.

    From the Sage Accounting team

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    13 Jul, 2021 07:43am

    Gutted that this is not already in the works. I was told it was. This will make a massive difference. Could not believe it when we ascertained that we could not set up a bank feed from Barclays. Even worse when told that bank rules don't apply to imported statements. With c. 1,000 customer receipts a month this is a major problem.

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    4 Jan, 2021 06:52pm

    I was so disappointed to find that this was not already in play - quite often I get clients where I am having to go back more than 90 days on the bank feed - they don't always come to us at the beginning of the year when we can start from a fresh vantage point.

    My most recent client is several years in arrears - a real 'clean up' project and their bank statements run to 15 pages in length - I thought this would be so much easier to do as I thought that the rules worked in Sage Cloud Accounting for this purpose - very disappointed to find out that rules do not work on imported bank statements.

    It will make a difference in choosing which program to use with future clients.